Kräftfiske i Sverige

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What’s more Swedish than a real crab slice in autumn, with hats, hips and freshly caught freshly cooked crayfish! By contrast, not everybody has the ability to catch their crayfishes themselves, the crab fish in Sweden are very regulated.

The time for crayfish starts in August and ends in September. But it’s not just going out to look for these delicacies, one must either be a fisherman or fisherman and have their own water to get them up.

However, in some watercourses or lakes you can buy a special fishing license as a private fisherman and hobby fisher for just crayfish fishing.

When fishing for crayfish, you must not only adhere to the fishing rules that exist in that water, but you also need to keep an eye on the special rules that apply to the crayfish. The size is a rule, there is a minimum measure for the crayfishes you plan to fish. If they do not hold it, you can kindly throw them back.

Nor can you use any tools without having to be customized and comply with certain rules. It is the County Administrative Board in each county that has the local rules. It is also with them that you apply for permission if you want to put out crayfish or simply start a cultivation.

However, Vättern has some special rules with the exception that the public can fish for crayfish for a limited period and without permission.

Grow crayfish

If you plan to put out crayfish, it’s good to know that you can not put out the signal cracks. They can carry crustaceans without showing themselves sick. So it’s forbidden to grow and to put it out. The biggest infectious infection around crayfish is when someone puts out his own signal cracks in a lake or in a watercourse. Our Swedish nature of the river crayfish is very easily infected with crustaceans so the covenant is available to protect them.

For the same reason, it is also forbidden to bring live crayfish into Sweden. Should you buy live crayfish that you want to plant, you have to check that they are really Swedish.

The Animal Welfare Act

Something you might not think about is that caught crabs are covered by the animal welfare law so they have to be treated properly and they are required to protect them from unnecessary suffering. 

This is especially true when transporting them, storing them or otherwise taking care of them.

But it also applies when they are to be cooked. In order for the crayfish to die as quickly as possible, first boil the water properly, plenty of water so that the risk of cooling down is less. Then you put a crab with your head first in the abundant boiling water. Before putting in the next crayfish, make sure the water is still boiling properly. Adding a lot of crayfish at once will lower the water temperature and cause unnecessary cravings.